Remastered Perfection!

Having originally already written a review for this album that is available on this site, it is a little hard to add anything new to say.

But that isn't to say that it isn't a brilliant album, for a live album recorded 25 years ago this is still as fresh today as it was then. This album is also a wonderful reminder of how brilliant U2 are live, and they will becoming to a town/city near you in the next year or so.

As well as the cd which is wonderful the band have finally released a DVD version of Under a Blood Red Sky for the first time. The Video was popular back in the 80's and I don't see any reason why the DVD will not be. The DVD comes with some added extras that were not originally not on the video. So for your hard earned you get 5 previously unreleased songs, a directors commentary and the pictures have been digitally re-graded. That means to a peasant like myself the images are sharper than that old VHS video that I have got!

Both the remastered album and the DVD bring back how good U2 were live 25 years ago and like a fine wine they have matured and got better with age. This is a wonderful addition for all U2 fans and a brilliant introduction to U2 live for all those younger people who are finally getting into decent music.