Back with a new sound...

It has been a while since Keane brought beautiful music to our ears and with a slightly new direction, they return in good fashion. Keane was usually known as a band that based their sound around a piano. As beautiful as this is, their third album ‘Perfect Symmetry’ seems to have a slightly new twist to this sound, and this taster we're given is in the shape of single ‘The Lovers Are Losing’.

Taking a step-back from the piano-pop sound Keane's established, it is obvious that in their time away from the music scene the band has been exploring new sounds and instrumentations; there are acoustic guitars and some synthesisers present here. This single brings about a more guitar-focused sound, something we haven’t heard from Keane in the past. This creativity marks a new start for the band, one that will hopefully break them away from the image of others and into a league of their own.