Creative Abandon

Bloc Party are the kind of band who seem to really love to play around with new styles and ‘Talons’ sees another curious departure from their previous sound. There are dark, almost industrial overtones to the crashing electronic barrage; this is a distinctly different, more mature and more tantalising sound to the one the band became known for in the 2005 debut. ‘Talons’ is creative, varied and aspires to the epic with ominous lyrics like, “When it comes, it will feel like a kiss” and frantic, furious guitar and synth work. Glittering passages of twinkling electronica and clattering sounds pierce these relentless, brutal choruses, adding a definite texture to the tune.

If you’re excited by shrieking synths, glockenspiels, violent percussion and the idea of a wildly undulating melody, then ‘Talons’ is bound to wake you up and shake you up. It's a great radio-friendly pre-cursor to the band’s new album in any case.