The sound of hunger

I can only assume as I have not received the usual blurb with the cd, that ‘Devour’ is the first single to be taken from Shinedown’s third (and in my case, long awaited) album ‘The Sound of Madness’. I say long awaited, as the cd as been out in the States for ages. We unlucky buggers have to wait until March 09.

I’ve already bucked the system, and have been listening to it since the Summer as it was an essential purchase whilst on me hols. Anyway, ‘Devour’ is the first single and track on the album that really shows that the Floridians have really hit their stride with this current batch of songs.

It’s a full-on assault from the off and current fans will be blown away by this new one. I’m not too sure how old the guys are, but they seem to have put years of blood, sweat, toil and tears into their music with their personal tales of angst and redemption. A military tone sets the tone before the twin guitar assault of Nick and Zach, combined with the pulsating bass riff grabs the listener instantly. Brents fervent vocals draw you in to the essence of the song. It has a powerful riff, catchy (very) chorus and is one song which will hopefully see the lads gain a strong foothold in the UK. A very strong choice of single. If you missed them recently blow the skids off Disturbed, then you’ll be pleased to know they will be back for their own headlining tour in the New Year