Something old and something new

New Order are back after their big boxset 'Retro' with this new, forward-thinking, retro-tinged offering 'Krafty.' It's a fun little number with chords that rise up at the start much resembling the beginning few bars of Joy Division's seminal, classic pop piece 'Love Will Tear Us Apart.' This tune flows along in a chirpy manner with happy machines banging out the noises merrily.

The beat that forms the basis of the track is slightly similar to the classic, instantly recognisable sound of Kraftwerk in the 70's, the music-makers that really sparked the electronic revolution and are deserving of all the homage they're paid. This sure is a krafty little gem that has a totally infectious and sunny aura about it, its like Ash on their better days crammed together with The Flaming Lips by robotic tools.

Good old New Order delivers as ever a very listenable song that has a very youthful feel to it. Younger than their years this band may be but they bring us a fresh new tune with more dignity and expertise than most of the young punks in our music scene could offer today. This won't blow your socks off, but it'll be good to listen to barefoot anyway, a very accessible, controlled and noteworthy new single from an institution in British music.