Loud, Brash And With Ballsy Rock

There’s nothing quite like a quick turnaround. A little over a year since Sevendust set out to flatten the majority and leave the rest dumbfounded with their ‘Alpha’ album, the Atlanta based rockers have returned with their seventh studio offering, the aptly titled ‘Chapter VII: Hope And Sorrow’.

For Sevendust elitists the band’s pinnacle moment tends to hark back to the release of ‘Animosity’, an album that punched with knuckle pounding might and soothed with a melodic twist to boot. On top of this there were guest appearances, the like of which Sevendust have shied away from since. That is until now. Not only does ‘Chapter VII: Hope And Sorrow’ attempt to thump and cajole with extra bite, but the Atlanta boys have called in some favours and brought along Alterbridge’s Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti to help out with some tracks along with a guest appearance from Chris Daughtry. Guest appearances, force and melody, surely Sevendust haven’t created an album to topple ‘Animosity’?

Touting the perfect qualities of power and emotion, lead track ‘Inside’ is a hair raising introduction to the band’s new album. As a wall of industrial drums rage and guitars roar, lead singer Lajon Witherspoon does his best Exorcist impression as blood curdling growls give way to a soaring, melody heavy chorus to beckon you in before the next fatal round. Indeed Sevendust aren’t scared to show their heavy side with ‘Contradiction’ wielding a darkly psychotic edge wrapped around a stomping bass whilst ‘Scapegoat’ thumps and wails forcefully before epic closer ‘Walk Away’ boasts some Pantera-esque charging riffs and a bucket load of visceral vocals, all nicely tied to a groove-led hook to reel you in.

And then there’s the band’s softer side. ‘Prodigal Son’ and ‘Fear’ both capture a rock radio-friendly vibe that instantly grabs, but it's ‘Sorrow’ that steals the show. Moulding sky reaching riffs to the raw, emotion drenched vocals of Myles Kennedy, ‘Sorrow’ unfolds into a rock colossus, blowing your mind with every new beat and heart aching lyric, leaving you in a state of exhilarated exhaustion.

Why Sevendust haven’t become a household name in every rock fan’s home is beyond me. Loud, brash and with ballsy rock to leave you breathless, Sevendust bring it all. For those who already kneel at the band’s feet, ‘Chapter VII: Hope And Sorrow’ will merely reaffirm your original beliefs. For everyone else, let me introduce Sevendust, a band you should have got to know years ago but who are still ready to welcome you in with ragged roars and heart jolting riffs.