Deliciously Dark And Crammed With Angst

Providing a nice little gap filler before the release of their next album, Paramore attempt to appease their fans appetites with their latest release, ‘Decode’. Taken from the Twilight movie soundtrack, ‘Decode’ finds the band swapping their usual upbeat addictiveness for a darker, heavier sound, one that serves them well and which hopefully will be resurrected on their next album.

Appropriately cramming a crater sized amount of angst into each line, ‘Decode’ is a slab of heaving heartache and woe that nicely entwines itself around poppy guitars as Hayley Williams ensures every ounce of anguish is squeezed from her throat. Bubbling with equal measures of desperation, confusion and tension that accumulate into a soaring rush of vocals; ‘Decode’ is Paramore at their heartbroken best, drenched in yearning and oozing passion from every pore. Deliciously dark and trembling with tension, ‘Decode’ finds Paramore boasting a more mature sound that should acquire them a whole new legion of fans.