Anthemic With Their Hearts On Their Sleeves

Fittingly ushered in by the roar of an engine coming to life, ‘Old White Lincoln’ unfolds magically, gently revealing a sense of youthful nostalgia wrapped in a dark remorsefulness that strikes unapologetically for your heart strings as The Gaslight Anthem uncover a world full of girls in high top sneakers with sailor tattoos that instantly satisfies with a powerful chorus nestled around some thought provoking lyrics. Soft to start, ‘Old White Lincoln’ quickly bristles with a contagious youthful exuberance, excitingly reliving memories, as the New Jersey boys perfectly deliver equal parts punk rawness alongside their anthemically addictive rock.

Of course though not all is bright and breezy. As always and never far away, are Brian Fallon’s emotionally charged ponderings, beckoning you further into his mind as his dusky vocals smoothly soothe. Almost as a mere afterthought he wonders “And I always dreamed of classic cars and movie screens// Trying to find someway to be redeemed// Baby darling, will we be, in the cold cold ground?” simultaneously handing us all a reflective slice of heartfelt consideration to muse over covered in a blanket of bittersweet turmoil.

A nice little extra to enjoy is a live radio recording of ‘The ’59 Sound’, mesmerizingly stripped back to an acoustic style with Fallon’s vocals echoing touches of Bob Dylan along with his Bruce Springteen-esque rawness that is undeniably beautiful. Anthemic with their heart boldly on their sleeves for all to enjoy, The Gaslight Anthem prove once more why they are the band of 2008.