The Fireman find their voice, unfortunately

Fifteen years ago Paul McCartney and an accomplice known simply as Youth released a secret album, "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest". An entirely instrumental dance album heavy on the electronics it was an exciting new direction for the former Beatle, one which suggested he was capable of far more than polite, if dull, dad rock. In the years since, McCartney has released ever more dull solo projects, seemingly saving his best work for the Fireman. Until now, that is. For the first time The Fireman are using vocals, McCartney’s to be specific, and have ditched the electronics for McCartney’s nicey nicey guitar-based pop. The result is as tedious as it is instantly forgettable. 'Sing The Changes' is indistinguishable from his solo work, his washed out vocals haunting the thin and lifeless guitar work, whilst the supporting music sounds computer generated such is the lack of personality to it. Why these two should deviate from their earlier efforts is anyone’s guess. The result is here for all to observe however.