A cover but in her true colours!

Typically from Norway I think of Vikings, the odd footballer and Roald Dahl, so I don’t expect a thoughtful and attractive Folk singer with a hint of Jazz, but this is what we get with Ane Brum.

This single ‘True Colors’ will most likely be familiar with you for two main reasons, firstly whacky pop redhead Cyndy Lauper first had a hit with it back around the time that Jon Bon Jovi was admitting that he was “Livin’ On A Prayer”, and Madonna was complaining, “Papa don’t preach!”, however more recently you may have heard this version on SKY’s High Definition advertising campaign on the television.

The song has always been strong through the vocal melody, but now Ane slows it down into a voice and piano number giving a haunting clarity to every softly sung word, and every majestic piano key. This song has now been added to Ane’s new album (and debut in UK) ‘Changing Of Season’s’ which is out on January 19th 2009.

It’s always hard to understand what an artist is like with a cover song, however having had a sneaky preview of her album, then I can say that what you get are 15 slow and poetic Folk songs in the vein of Joni Mitchell. Good stuff!