Finding Their Dancing Feet

The third offering from their 2008 album, "Intimacy", ‘One Month Off’ finds Bloc Party sneering menacingly and brandishing some added spite as the four piece jab with dance inducing beats mingled amongst razor sharp guitars that threaten to strip you to the bone.

Layered with jagged beats that stab and grind ruthlessly, ‘One Month Off’ stutters ominously to life, juttering haphazardly with crunchy riffs before Kele Okereke’s soothing vocals glide into the mix, simultaneously presenting a sheen of comforting reassurance amongst venom wrapped lyrics that bubble with contempt. Its fighting talk with a nifty dance beat, certain to have every muscle of the body springing to life even as ‘One Month Off’ dissolves into a craze of electronic beats stolen from a missing Star Wars epic to signal its conclusion. Bloc Party have certainly found their dancing feet and are on a mission to ensure everyone else does likewise.