A Lovely Songstress

Ane Brun has already achieved critical acclaim with albums released in the US and Norway, however her cover of ‘True Colours’ featured on a Sky TV campaign was her first introduction to most of the British public.

Her tunes have the same whimsical, charming beauty as other female artists like Feist or Sia. ‘Treehouse Song’ is an understated, pretty tune backed by guitar and catchy in its simplicity. It’s Ane’s voice that really stands out with a reedy, breathy and beautifully warm tone. ‘The Puzzle’ is a stunning, stark number that will resonate around your head with elegant strokes of violin mixed with Ane’s flighty flow of vocals. Sweetly sighing strings are again used to great effect in, ‘Raise My Head’, a slightly more mellow number that isn’t quite as memorable, but a pleasant tune. The Scandinavian songstress’ skill seems to consist of constructing beautiful and touching songs, ‘Changing of the Seasons’, for example, is a delicate, perfectly sculpted tune that’s gentle but affecting.

‘Changing of the Seasons’ is an album that’s constantly full of surprises and twists and turns, with each song mastering a different quirky approach. ‘Armour’ is pretty and features some glorious operatic pirouettes, as well as a twee piano tune. ‘Gillian’ (pronounced the same as the fish part) is simply beautiful, evoking the soft sweetness of singers like Martha Wainwright with vocals that will sweep you away. There are songs that will simply wash over you, but it’s good to have a break from the more emotional numbers and this hardly brings the album down.

Ane Brun is a talented singer with some beautiful songs and a delightful album that will hopefully help her breakthrough into the UK market.