Confessions of a rock reviewer!

Okay, confession time. My name is Jim and I’m not a U2 fan, I’m sorry but that is just a fact. Now, I do appreciate that Bono is a talented guy, and I believe he likes to do good things for charities, and before someone else says it, I have been known to enjoy ‘The Sweetest Thing,’ singing along like some drunken fool in weak moments…but anyway, I am nothing if not professional!

Although their brand of rock is not my cup of tea you know that they are a good band, and even in the first guitar riff and electro-beat of this single, ‘Get On Your Boots’ you can tell that this is a band that are musically tight and have a well produced song. Bono’s vocals are slightly high, and the music sounds polished and clean. There are dance-breaks which compliment and not complicate leaving me to question my beliefs. Now I’ve heard many new bands over the years but you have to tip your hat to these Irish guys, its no coincidence that they have out lasted a million other bands.

B-side song, ‘No Line On The Horizon 2’ is slightly more classic U2 as the first song was a contemporary guise of the band. It has a slight Manchester sound in the vocals that are slightly strained, but of course a lot better. It’s more melodic with some quick drum beats and shouting moments. Still a decent track.

Really what more can you say about the band? I’ve mentioned before that The Killers now sound a little like them and what better respect is that for a successful band to merge musically with you? Here ends my twelve step programme, I’m off to load up eBay and bid on The Joshua Tree…