A great introduction to album four...

Imagine sitting in a pub, your local, the same pub you have been going to since forever. Everyone knows you, every one is able to have a laugh and enjoy a good singsong. This is the atmosphere created by the new single from Bell X1.

A vibrant mix of indie vibes and a slight country feel drives ‘The Great Defector’. There is a rumble of bass and pings of guitar from this catchy tune. Vocalist Paul Noonan has apparently compared the song's style to that of Talking Heads. At the start there is a slight choir like mesh of vocals, but it is the outstanding voice of Noonan that sets in perfectly with this incredibly enjoyable song; especially when the bouncy chorus hits in and the repetition of “love the colour of it all” takes on a life of its own.

‘The Great Defector’ is the first single from the bands approaching forth album ‘Blue Lights on the Runway’.