Gomez - A New Tide

Gomez are one of those bands we all know but how many of us actually know them other than their Mercury Music Prize winning debut album, "Bring It On", ten years ago? Despite the fame and high exposure they received a decade ago the five piece, which is still the original five, have refused to go down the commercial route and continue to write music they like. If only more bands would do this the commercial music stations may not be so bland. Although not having released an album for three years, Gomez had been working hard touring, especially in America.

"A New Tide" sees a nice diverse mix of styles and influences, which is largely due to the band being split over both sides of the Atlantic. The styles mix with the psychedelic whirling chilled out feel of 'Win Park Slope' and 'Bone Tired' mid way through the album to the rockier 'Little Pieces' early on which kind of has hints of Pearl Jam in there. The styles continue to move around with the bluesy feel of 'Airstream Driver' and 'If I Ask You Nicely'.

From the opener, 'Mix', to the closing track, 'Sunset Gates', there is a full album showcasing how Gomez have matured and that they are still producing nice music, I wish I could call it something more but nice seems to sum it up perfectly. If you are looking for something to rock out to then you should move on to something else very quickly, "A New Tide" is largely a feel good album with the odd sad song in 'Lost Track' but one well worth chilling out to. Gomez have also got a few guests like Canadian singer Amy Milan on 'Win Park Slope', multi instrumentalist Stuart Bogie on plenty of tracks and even cellist Oliver Krauss who has worked with Paul Weller and Beth Orton, they all add their talents in creating the laid back vibe.

Having just finished both a UK and US tour, Gomez do have one last date here, headlining the Red Stripe Music Awards, which being a free gig, can only be a good thing and shows they are happy to support up and coming bands too.