Great Start, Shame It Makes A Quick Exit

It’s been two years since we last had anything new from the Super Furry Animals. Sure, they have not sunk entirely under everyone’s radar; side projects including Daf and Guto’s work with Rhys Ifans in The Peth, Gruff’s work with Neon Neon and Cian’s Acid Casuals’ contributions have insured that they have remained somewhat in the spotlight but now it would seem they are ready to step out in their Super Furry get up once more, bringing back the unmistakable psych rock vibes that pulsate out of the very core of the band. Let the kaleidoscope rush commence.... fingers crossed at least.

‘Crazy Naked Girls’ ushers in ‘Dark Days/ Light Years’ with an atmospheric dose of conversation. Like walking into a party that is on the brink of erupting, the Super Furry Animals immediately raise expectation and excitement as the chatter gives way to a mind blowing crunch of fuzzy guitars swept along by stomping beats to match as riffs pump, simultaneously promising fear and excitement along the way. After such a promising start ‘Dark Days/ Light Years’ quickly lays down and surrenders, showing glimpses of excitement that never blossom into anything as captivating as ‘Crazy Naked Girl’. ‘Mt’ attempts to soar but after such an in-your-face start, things fall slightly flat as the sedate hedonistic tone of the track meanders aimlessly, only seeming to find direction as the laid back ‘Moped Eyes’ saunters onto the scene, refusing to do anything but shuffle along tirelessly. It’s left to ‘Inconvenience’ to salvage things as the Super Furry Animals set their beats to stomp once more, layering in the psych rock vibes with brutal effect to guide you towards the light once more.

Sadly though, the revival is short lived. Lyrically tracks like ‘The Very Best Of Neil Diamond’ glisten with ironic intelligence to stab some wit into proceedings but as the electro psych flash begins to fade, you can’t shake the feeling that the beats are being recycled, causing you to switch off both mentally and emotionally. ‘Helium Heart’ goes some way to claw you back, a breath of fresh pop fused electro beats wafting a feel good vibe throughout the track nestled amongst a sing out loud chorus, but it’s a case of too little too late to convert any but the true believer to ‘Dark Days/ Light Years’.

The Super Furry Animals may be back but unless you are already a staunch die hard fan, ‘Dark Days/ Light Years’ may just be too much of a reintroduction to the band and tiny steps might adjust us all better to the bands mind altering world.