Gorgeous Ruminating Indie

Comparisons with the likes of McCulloch, Cocker and Cope on a press release can be a fatal kiss of death for an average band; fortunately the minute this track kicks off you realise that this is no ordinary band, and the comparisons could well be justified. ‘Christine’ is an epic, impassioned number that has you hooked within seconds, there’s a certain intensity to the percussion, that are married with the slick guitar riff and sensational vocals that could melt any heart. It’s a ruminating, deep melody full of intrigue and there’s definitely a hint of Nick Cave’s intoxicating darkness in Christopher Wilde’s vocals.

B-side ‘Apple Falls’ is less immediate but has a glorious, quirky chorus that channels the touching guitar-led indie of bands like The National into a spritely and thoroughly enjoyable tune. The guitarwork is tight and intriguing, the percussion builds to a nice peak and the tune is delightful and exuberant the whole way through. Magic & Fur could just be the most addictive British indie band out there at the moment. Every now and then an unknown band catches you and totally blows you away, it’s a rare moment but Magic & Fur are worth the chance.