Take note of the lyrics

‘The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella’ is the opening track to the fourth album ‘Blue Lights on the Runway’ from Irish musicians Bell X1 and was the first track to grab my attention as I listened to the album.

For an opener it may lack in drivability, it is difficult to make a listener excited by the mellow melody that the tune holds close. However, the ways in which the band has constructed the lyrics give great inspiration and it was for this reason that the song caught my attention. It is through metaphorical passion, statements of love and adorability, as well as the existence of a sturdy voice that Bell X1 creates a tune that puts the mind to work and makes a listener realise that lyrical content can actually be as noticeable in a mellow tune as an addictive beat in more upbeat songs. ‘The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella’ is a pleasant listen.