Politics has never been so fun!

Sonic Boom Six are back with their third album, ‘City of Thieves’, which was released on 20th April 2009. Building on the band’s unique mix of ska, reggae and hip-hop, the album also features dubstep, grime and even a touch of glam rock; a testament to the versatility of the band and the punk genre!

Manchester-based Sonic Boom Six is made up of Laila K (vocals), Ben C (vocals), Barney Boom (bass and vocals), Neil McMinn (drums) and Nick Horne (guitar and trombone). The band work together perfectly: the harmonies made up of Laila K’s cute vocals with the rough, gritty male rapping and singing parts produce a strange yet enjoyable effect whilst the instrumentalists bring magic to the mix with intricate guitar riffs, crashing drums and the occasional blasting brass or funky piano addition.

Sonic Boom Six have done something that many of us thought was impossible, they have made politics fun (“Break the locks break the locks // Rock the system!”)! The lyrics of every song are deep, addressing important issues that are affecting the nation: from cross-consumerism to traffic congestion, lawless youth culture to homelessness and binge drinking to street violence, this album covers it all in a light-hearted manner with an injection of Sonic Boom Six’s unique humour! To further emphasise these political sub-themes, the album features many quotes, including horror film quotes such as the infamous “They’re coming to get you Barbara” line from Night of the Living Dead.

‘City of Thieves’ is a high energy album with every song packing a punch! Listeners will find it hard to resist the urge to tap their feet. All of the songs on the album are upbeat, but each track has its own individual feel; for example ‘Strange Transformations’ has the ambience of an old black and white horror film whereas ‘Rum Little Scallywag’ has distinct Caribbean influences. ‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!’ has an unmistakeable space-age feel to it and ‘Fading Away’ is rather melancholy, ending the album slowly and reflectively. My favourite tracks on this album have to be ‘Rum Little Scallywag’ for its light-hearted, feel-good rhythms and ‘Jericho’ for pushing the boundaries of the vocalists, showcasing in particular Laila K’s talent.

Sonic Boom Six are currently on a nationwide tour; further information can be found on their websites, www.sonicboomsix.co.uk or www.myspace.com/sonicboomsix. With festivals such as Reading and Leeds already under their belts, the future is looking bright for this band and the punk genre!