Days of Worth are Worth It!

Any want a new rock band to follow? I think I have found one on the Visible Noise label, the same as the Lost Prophets, but with far more edge. This is a band that I found I instantly took to; they play their rock how it shouldbe played; nice and loud. After hearing so many bands attempt to showcase their work, it was refreshing to find one that could play, had the material, and had a brilliant stage presence. Days of Worth were worth the wait.

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They opened their set with the brilliant number ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ before moving quickly on to ‘State of Me’. Their lead singer filled the stage; he is such a live wire, never relaxing for a moment. This is one band in a hurry, and they are on their way to the top.

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They only had time to perform seven songs at the showcase, which will whet my appetite for their forthcoming debut album. Each and every track was worth being cooped up inside 42nd Street Night Club, in Manchester. They performed on a small stage, but it will not be long before they are playing bigger venues. With no need to showcase their talents, songs such as ‘It’s a Beautiful View’ and ‘Take Me Through’ should soon be blaring out of your CD player.

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Days of Worth have a very big future in front of them, they are fortunate to have a great label, and can play live. This is one band that is winning converts every time they play live. The Crowd at 42nd Street loved their performance, and it was the best rock act all night. If you have the chance go and see these boys, make it soon, as the Days of Worth are worth the effort.

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