Days of Worth are a valuable find.

With their performance in Glasgow supporting the stunning thisGIRL, who have built up a mass of media interest, Days of Worth have a lot to prove. Today may be their day, as not only does the Glasgow Barfly grant them a moody set of lights and better set-up than the last bands, but they have the same brief time on stage as the headliner, due to the imminent arrival of Pete Doherty for an aftershow party.

Days of Worth immediately have a powerful presence, singer Simon Griffiths is both confident and capable and a worthy frontman for such a strong and compelling band. By the time we’ve reached the third song in this painfully short set, the audience are transfixed, a powerful succession of melodic guitar chords and angsty pauses propel the audience into Days of Worth’s rocksphere, as cries of “streetlights don’t blind me,” seduce the audience in this smouldering song.

Anthemic, but with thoughtful lyrics hastily delivered over chiming picked guitar riffs, “Ladies and Gentleman” is one of the most unique songs, using a variety of techniques to keep the audience riveted. The track will be available to download at www.visiblenoise.com from October and is destined to attract mass attention. The power of two guitars gives the band a distinct edge and the precision of the guitars' in and out unison is stunning and gives a stable base to Griffith’s heartfelt cries.

The band finish with the catchy “Take Me Through”, which we are proudly told is to feature in the next issue of “Rock Sound.” Energetic to the extreme, it leaves the audience with an affirmation of Days of Worth’s strength and ingenuity as a band as Griffiths falls to the floor before discarding his mic stand in a final act of rock destruction. Days of Worth are stunningly enthusiastic and fully able to “rock out” and hold an audience for far longer than today’s short set allowed them.