Truly outstanding. I could simply leave the review to those two words to give you an idea of the set.

The Stereophonics have been through numerous changes during their time, most recently the departure of their drummer. This has no effect on the machine that is best described as Welsh rock. We may be in Manchester, but it doesn't stop dragon flags appearing all over the arena. Before the 'phonics have even come on stage there is an anticipation over the crowd.

Running through a variety of songs from 'The Bartender and the Thief' through to 'Handbags and Gladrags'. Within ten minutes every member of this crowd has been won over if they weren't already. There is no telling that the band have a new drummer - they play as if they had been together for the past twenty years whilst Kelly fronts the stage as if he could not feel comfortable anywhere else.

Peter Kay. Maybe not what you would expect from a night out to see the Stereophonics - but he pops on to stage to re-introduce the band prior to their encore.

Tonight, the Stereophonics prove that they are the best British band of the moment. Forget The Darkness, forget Funeral For a Friend - no matter what tastes in music you have the 'phonics will not fail to impressive you. Truly outstanding.