A Treat For Those Who Still Remain

Trivium exit the stage and the lights come up on a crowd seemingly making a mad dash for the exit. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to allow Trivium to open, because by the time Still Remains find their way onto the stage the crowd has decreased considerably. Despite the crowd reduction, Still Remains manage to make up for the lack of energy. Bouncing around the stage in a way similar to a punk band of some sort but looking like your traditional emo rockers, it's surprising that the sound they create is more of a rhythmic growl than a lament for an ex girlfriend. Still Remains are angry but they're also focussed. Their music is nothing outstanding, but it's still a treat to listen to and it's amusing to watch the keyboardist give it his all despite how undetectable the synths are underneath the screeching guitars and overly pronounced bass.

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The crowd explodes into motion, the band feeds off the energy received and the result is a set where the effort put in overrides the technical difficulties shared by all three bands. Bass heavy and lacking in vocals, the mix doesn't exactly offer Still Remains much help in winning over the large portion of people lounging around at the back. You get the feeling that perhaps they're only staying because they've parted with money for their ticket tonight... but by staying behind these people are being exposed to a band they perhaps wouldn't have paid much attention to otherwise and if you listen beyond the sound problems this is a band who show a large amount of talent once they find their feet in the metal world.

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