Anthrax versus Meshuggah

The only real choice at the moment, for most of the crowd at Donington, is whether to see Anthrax or Meshuggah - with Anthrax taking the bulk of the fans, the Snickers Stage is looking slightly empty as Meshuggah walk on stage.

Despite hammering out riff after riff, song after song, the majority of the crowd seem to stand fairly inanimate throughout their set despite cheers at the end of songs. Even though they receive the cheers there is something that is still missing from the entire set.

As their set draws to a close, Meshuggah thank everyone for missing Anthrax and you're left wondering why the two had to be scheduled against each other; pitting two metal bands against each other is never a good idea.

Meshuggah are inventive, powerful and push the boundaries of generic metal - exactly how any band should be. Sadly, the crowd just don't seem to be supporting the band as much as they could do.

Any metal fan should own a Meshuggah album - if you saw Anthrax then you missed a real treat.