Caliban set fire to the Mean Fiddler with their chaotic melodies

There's something very different about the way that Caliban take to the stage tonight. Despite their music being easily accessible by the vast majority of the UK right now thanks to Scuzz and their inclusion on the Saw OST, Caliban are not American as most bands at the moment seem to be. Caliban are German and like Rammstein, they're not afraid to be German. Caliban are able to breed a chaotic blend of fine tuned melody and ground shaking rhythm when performing, which carves its way through the audience, whipping them up into a bloodthirsty frenzy whilst remaining effortlessly cool on stage.

Their music is much like a set of bloodhounds because whilst there is still that coating of fur- or melody- it isn't enough to hide the power lurking beneath the surface. Despite the short set time they manage to pack in a hefty portion of their anthemic metal and generate the type of cheer from the crowd that normally takes many years of heavy touring to achieve. Caliban have the edge over so many of the bands frolicking in this genre at the moment. Caliban's music is diverse enough to appeal to all walks of life and they're perfectly suited to the audience they've been provided with tonight. After just a short set concluding with their latest single 'The Beloved and The Hatred', it's clear that those who came for Hatebreed and Crowbar may well have a new CD on their shopping lists.