Saturday Bloodstock Open Air 05 Openers Fourwaykill dissapoint

On the Saturday of this year's Bloodstock Open Air Fourwaykill faced a tall order; How to engage and entertain a tired and wet crowd from the day before who were quite frankly waiting for Children of Bodom in the evening. The band also had to work against the constraints of appearing late to an already jaded crowd due to problems with the stage. Unfortunately Fourwaykill did not make the most of this situation and the set ended up as a disappointment.

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On stage the band had great energy and this worked well for them. Vocalist Chris tore around the stage like some sort of demented beast and his enthusiastic head banging and passion managed to whip up a crowd including I suspect people who had never even heard of Fourwaykill before! The band as a whole despite having a shortened set manage to still appear energetic and enthusiastic to play to what is admittedly quite a small crowd which works for them well.

Unfortunately although the 4 pieces brand of aggressive no-frills metal sounds mouth watering on paper this fails to come across in their set. Despite their obvious enthusiasm and energy they fail to carry it across into a genuinely exciting set. The guitar parts lack memorable riffs and the bass and drum sections can be summed up by the word nondescript. Despite songs that managed to get my head nodding a bit Fourwaykill really had nothing going for them that any other opening band would have had.

Overall then Four Way Kill were not all they could have been, I went to their set hoping to enjoy them and wanting to like their music and left feeling disappointed and saddened that they had not been able to capitalise on what was obviously a great chance to promote themselves. This was truly a mixed set and although they managed to whip up quite a few people at the front of the crowd into a wind milling frenzy they left me cold.

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