Antichrist Superstar

The sun is going in the darkness is drawing in upon Richfield Avenue, Reading as a eerie intro starts, all the Goths are getting more worked up by the minute as the intro somewhat drags on a bit. Finally the intro draws to a close and a black curtain drops revealing none other than Marilyn Manson crouched at the front of the stage, swinging a small chandelier reciting poetry, at times talking quietly and at times letting out an ear piercing shrieks, the non-Manson fans simply laugh at this but the all the mallgoths lap it up.

Manson then launches into one of his many classic sing-alongs that is 'The Love Song' which gets the entire Reading crowd screaming 'Do you love your guns? YEAH! Guns! God? YEAH! Your Government? FUCK YEAH!' The set includes many of Manson's classics such 'The Fight Song', 'The Nobodies', 'Great Big White World' and one of the set highlights 'Sweet Dreams'. 'Do not let the men in blue compress your excitement' announces the great front man as the crowd go wild.

His singing tonight, is somewhat poor; he is terribly out of key on the slower stuff but manages the heavier stuff E.g. mOBSCENE really well. His back band are good as usual, although the guitar is a little low in the mix, drowned out by the bass at times which is not their fault, the keyboard player usually has something his Keyboard swings on or on a spring, tonight it is on a gallows pole…interesting.

The one think you notice about Manson's stage performance is that he is no longer shocking anymore, the show contains nothing shocking at all, apart from his out of key singing at times, maybe he has dumbed it down for commercial reasons?

Marilyn Manson puts on a highly enjoyable set finishing with an encore of 'Antichrist Superstar' where he is stood on a pedestal swinging from side to side, as soon as he finishes his set and leaves the stage you can't help but want more.