A Real Cool Time

Iggy & The Stooges seem to have made a comeback in the last few years, playing Download back in 2004 (Where he infamously had the crowd invade the stage during 'No Fun) and now he is at one of the biggest festivals in the UK.

Taking to the stage and running about like a madman, Iggy is obviously not doing badly for a man of 58 years old. Playing classics such as 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' and '1969' Iggy proves he has still go it in him, although his singing may not be perfect you have to admire the fact that he is still performing on stage.

The crowd themselves seem a bit odd, only a small section seem to lap up Iggy's great performance whilst the rest of the crowd just stand there looking emotionally lost.

The Stooges are on top form today, playing pretty well and really going for it, although the bass player looks like he is playing on a railway track facing an oncoming train.

This is a great performance from Iggy & The Stooges, easily the second best band of the day, next to the mighty Iron Maiden. If you ever get the chance to check them out, do so.