Jimmy Eat World 2005

This being Jimmy Eat Worlds first proper string of shows in lieu of their 2004 album release 'Futures', there were a mixture of fans from as far back as the days of 'Static Prevails' to fans who had only just heard 'Work' the newest single from the latest album present at the Astoria. In order to be able to pull off this show Jimmy Eat World, a band, renowned for their ability to win over fans live, needed to strike the right balance of old and new to please the entirely diverse crowd of fans, peers and critics alike.

They started by launching into the title track from 'Futures' a definite crowd pleaser, which with such vigorous execution proceeded to whip the demure yet anticipating crowd into a frenzy early on. The next song to be played was the incredible incendiary Bleed American, this straight up rock song intensified the atmosphere within the Astoria, with its heightened choruses and shout along vocals, fans new and old loved it, this is one Jimmy Eat World song you have not heard properly if you haven't seen it performed live. Jimmy Eat World being the humble band from Arizona, America, aren't known for their in between song banter, so it is few and far between, but that's how the audience liked it, this show was packed with a barrage of amazingly performed songs and an intense atmosphere. The next song was the thoroughly uplifting Blister from the critically acclaimed 'Clarity' album, the crowds' love for this band was clear; at times Jim Adkins vocals were drowned out by the roaring voices of the bewitched audience. Jimmy Eat World blazed through lesser-known tracks from previous albums with songs such as the lively rendition of The Authority Song, the perfectly adapted version of 'Lucky Denver Mint' and the simply stunning 'For Me This Is Heaven'. Next came the crowd pleaser 'The Middle', a song which drew the entire band to grin widely, the biggest commercial hit for Jimmy Eat World to date, garnered the biggest sing along of the night, for many of those present breathing new life into an old song live.

Next came current single, the heartfelt 'Work', a beautiful rendition of the startling 'Drugs or Me' and the touching 'The World You Love', which both presented the bands maturity to write and execute new material as timelessly as the old. These new tracks were perfectly followed by the truly epic 'Seventeen'; a song which though was only recognised by older fans drew a huge reaction from the members of the audience who did recognise it. After this the band launched themselves into the epic 'Get It Faster', this song live displays Jimmy Eat Worlds ability to carry off a stunning guitar solo without taking themselves too seriously, but yet still managing to cause every member of the crowd to hold their breath until it was through, one of the greatest songs performed during the night, it was highly appreciated from the fans of Jimmy Eat Worlds slower songs and their more fast paced rock anthems.

No Jimmy Eat World show goes unhounded by some minor technical difficulties, but this somehow creates the effect you are not seeing really seeing a multi-platinum band at the Astoria. But purely a good band that can endure these difficulties and still have their fans beaming up at them, they don't seem distant, they seem real, the fans were cheering them on until they could get the songs going again. This is followed by the stunners 'Polaris' and 'No Sensitivity', both songs carry across very powerfully live, but they were just starters as after the band performed 'Goodbye Sky Harbour'. Live this is a graceful song, so powerfully adapted from its 14 minute recording, most of the audience watched purely in awe of its exacting execution. The show was concluded with the fan sing along heart warmer 'A Praise Chorus', another song which the band pulled off with amazing precision and heartfelt splendour.

The encore consisted of the rarely performed, but greatly appreciated 'Table For Glasses', the kind of song which just takes your breath away, the crowd frenzy inducing rip roarer 'Pain', and finally the classic Jimmy Eat World show closer, 'Sweetness'. Truly a song without which no Jimmy Eat World show would be complete.

This show really displayed Jimmy Eat World's growth as a band, their ability to play their older material up to par with the new. Their ability to perform songs that please across the board, not one person left without appreciating the band more than they did when they entered the venue. The possibilities of the heights this band could reach are immeasurable, but based on this show it's safe to say they have the talent and a solid live show to support as they go the distance.

Jimmy Eat World can next be seen supporting Green Day at Milton Keynes in June