36 Crazyfists, Twelve Tribes, One Night

It's been a decade and they've only released two albums yet the 36 Crazyfist fans have been with the band throughout and this tour is one of the most anticipated in their career, and one of the most talked-of tours of the year.

After the head-pounding power of Twelve Tribes who, having also supported Killswitch Engage recently, are building a strong name for themselves in the UK - it's time for 36 Crazyfists to take the stage.

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As Brock Lindow (vocals) launches into the set it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary crowd. Brock can be seen grinning from eat to ear as the crowd constantly overpower the PA singing along to every word that comes out of Brock's mouth. Whether it's the classic tracks or whether it's the new material which the band ask cautiously if it's alright to play, one thing is certain: this crowd love 36 Crazyfists.

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With every note that is played on the bass shaking the room in time with some insane drumming and every powerful riff that guitarist Steve Holt plays carrying Brock's vocals you soon realise that this band fit together perfectly. This is a band that plays as one tight, in-synch unit with more energy in their show than you could ever hope for.

It's clichéd but as Brock thanks the crowd you can tell that he is totally genuine - and with good reason. As the beads of sweat drip from his head he leaps towards the audience with the kind of look on his face that you normally only see when someone goes to see their first ever gig and realise that they've fallen in love with music.

36 Crazyfists are packed with power, talent and an amazing live show that justifies their dedicated fan base. If you like Killswitch Engage or any metal band that produces music with a heart and soul then don't miss their new album due out early next year.

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