A Bullet for Reading Festival

It's 11:45am and the main arena gates have just opened, the crowd run through the security to get to the front, many of them will remain there until Iron Maiden play their last note later tonight.

15 minutes or so later, Bullet For My Valentine take to the stage and sweep a small but dedicated percentage of the crowd off their feet, playing soon-to-be classics of theirs such as 'Four Words (To Choke Upon)' and 'Hand Of Blood' - the crowd are going mad, circle-pitting like there is no tomorrow (although the Reading crowd seem to start a circle pit to anything).

The band tears through a 30 minute set, attracting new fans and pleasing the old ones. The band seems a little uneasy, even the lead singer announces, towards the end of the set, 'Shit, this is weird' and he gazes in amazement at the crowd and the reaction that the band have received today.

This is a great set from the Welsh boys, much better than many of the crowd anticipated it to be - many were expecting a bunch of "Emo glam fags" but, although their style includes the occasional bit of 'emo' singing, they are the complete opposite. A cracking set, I think many people are going to go out and buy their album now...