The Duke Spirit Are On The Up

The Duke Spirit are certainly gaining a lots of friends and admirers for their music. This is a band that seems to be constantly on tour playing the small clubs and building an excellent reputation for themselves. Things may be about to change for this band. With a debut album due out very soon, with a single gaining airplay, and on the back of a number of EPs this is one band building the strong foundations of stardom.

The music that The Duke Spirit perform is a wonderfully dark and atmospheric rock building up tempo all the time. There is a raw and passionate sound in the vocalist Leila Moss, and powerful sound from the rest of the band. Leila is certainly not drowned out by the music, she rises above it.

The Duke Spirit are a genuinely exciting prospect when there is so much drivel about, their songs represent all that is enthralling about The Duke Spirit, a smoky rock song propelled by a pop chorus. It is what keeps the audience at the Apollo enthralled with their performance. 'Love Is An Unfamiliar Name' sounded so superb live, 'Lion Rip' again, sounded brilliant.

With their debut album due out very soon things are looking up for The Duke Spirit, catch them while you can, you will not regret it.