Kasabian Rocking The Apollo

It is hard to believe that a year ago this band were playing to a couple of hundred at Manchester's Night and Day, and tonight is the first of a three night sell out for Leicester's finest export since Walkers Crisps and Gary Lineaker, Kasabian are going to make this a night of fantastic music. But a lot has happened in those twelve months, they have had a barnstorming album out, hit the singles chart and are in demand.

Tonight they are in demand from a very devoted crowd that are already bouncing off the walls awaiting their heroes. From the moment the band came on stage to the time they left the floor was moving, the mosh pit was bouncing and all were singing and dancing.

For a band that has only one album behind them, they fitted more into an hour and fifteen minutes than more other bands and artists. The crowd lapped up the music, and loved being told that they were making Tom Meighan 'fucking high', the feelings were mutual.

Kasabian powered through their set belting out the numbers and each on got a different reaction from the crowd. As they powered through songs such as 'Club Foot', 'Processed Beats' and 'Reason is Treason' the one impression I got that this was a band that meant business. A band that is even better live than they are recorded, and their album rocks!

The NME classed Kasabian as a band to watch, as the next big things, and boy they are proving them right, infact they are screwing that title up and aiming for mega stardom. With a tour in America happening and the release of their album in the states, the experience is going to improve them further.

Kasabian are an enormously brilliant band, which is really going places. Catch this band in the smaller venues while you can, because in a years time I think they will be playing a far larger venue than the Apollo.