Aweful, Aweful and Aweful

If Simon Cowell were reviewing this set he would, undoubtably, describe it with his Three-A technique, "Aweful, Aweful and Aweful". Although their name may only justify one of these - it is certainly a well earned Aweful.

This brand of meaningless-pop-punk does seem more suited for the likes of Pop Idol than an outdoor music event that has had some serious talent grace the stage today. The band appear on stage and go through their set with the usual pleasantaries - however their performance seemed so rehearsed and uninspired that it is the height of tedium.

A front-man, Jason Perry, may seem to enjoy bouncing around the stage, but it just seems without life and more like he is a puppet on strings whose master is throwing him around for fun. The sound is mediocre, the atmosphere is only generated by, mostly, 12-year olds in hoodies and even a big chunk of Limp Bizkit fans are getting bored. This set passes by most people with no interest - even with such life changing lyrics that "Nothing" gives you.

The set ends, and people feel relieved - the main band of the day can now take the stage.