Bringing Paradise to the Napster Stage!

Red lights grace the stage and Paradise Lost is alive and kicking, getting off to an explosive start with the powerful 'Just Say Words'. The crowd keep coming and pretty soon the lure of Paradise Lost's gentle-yet-borderline melodic thrash/death metal is too much to resist. The arena is packed and can't get enough.

Yet again, the Napster Stage seems to be having a little technical trouble but Paradise Lost thunder on, not letting a little feedback trouble hinder the rising of their music. After finishing off rather spectacularly with 'Just Say Words', they drive on with a song from their brand new album. 'Grey' croons on with beautiful, mystical guitaring and purring lyrics crying out despair and pain while retaining a sense of strength and majesty.

Still, it is evident from the next song that it is the older and heavier material that appeals the most to those gathered here to witness this special appearance.

There is a noticeable difference in styles with Paradise Losts' older material - being heavier and much more orientated around the laws of borderline melodic death metal. Nowadays, they seem to have a much more mainstream style with hints of power metal here and there. The vocals are very similar in tone and quality to that of the lead vocalist from Megadeth, bearing the same melodic yet grating feel. Whatever the preference, the crowd have found paradise.

It's a shame that such a good band have been put on a stage that's troubled with feedback, because they have a complex, beautiful style that is unfortunately to pick up because of the muted sound quality, but, like Megadeth, who were having similar troubles earlier on the main stage, Paradise Lost carried on giving the best they could and even threw up a few surprises along the way! The song 'Erased' saw a complete deviation from their usual style and becomes almost trance like in a way that only Dream Theater could really get away with. However, the crowd are as wild as before and showcases their ability well. Despite terrible sound feedback from guitars and bass, Paradise Lost has not failed to impress!