Propper British Metal

There is a chance that I am the only person the venue tonight that was actually happy to see Winnebago Deal but when I was informed that they were going to be playing my night immediatley became better. For those of you that don't know, Winnebago Deal were up for last year's Kerrang! Award for 'Best British Newcomer' along with 'The Darkness', 'Funeral for a Friend', ' thisGIRL' and 'Million Dead' and are certainly one of the more exciting acts from that group.

While the two-some might not ever make it on to 'Top of the Pops', there is a place for them and that is in the heart of anybody's CD collection that claim's to be a fan of metal, especially those who prefer things on the heavier side of heavy.

If I were to say to you a due that consists of a drummer and a guitarist who also sings - you might think 'White Stripes', but how wrong would you be - I'd be talking about this pair who have tonight managed to fit in to a quarter of a tiny stage. Amplifiers are stacked on top of amplifiers, guitar racks are stacked on top of them and let's be honest about it - the drummer isn't even fully on stage because there isn't room.

They walk on stage and start their thirty minute set blasting through their material and reveal the true depths of their talents ranging from the slower more melodic sections juxtaposed with the heavy riffing that is synonamous with the name 'Winnebago Deal'. The crowd seem not to care and stand simply waiting for it to end. One thing is certain and that is that the support act for Ash should not be a heavy metal, long-haired duo.

I am disheartened at the end of the set to hear someone saying, "I could have played better than them and I don't even play guitar - you just have to make noise". On the contrary, I would say that their riffs are back to what metal should be and its about time that something like WD came out of England. Personally, I hope 2004 is as good of a year for the band as 2003.