Awe-inspiring set from surely the 'next big thing.'

Opening with a song entitled 'Its A Hit', Rilo Kiley may appear to be a confident band and one deserving of more than the Futures tent. However, as the song is more concerned with a chimp feigning human traits and becoming President of the United States as opposed to beating the crazy frog in a chart war, the bands indie traits come shining through.

Lead singer Jenny Lewis fits the US indie front-girl role perfectly and her vocals and story telling skills are reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. Unlike other bands performing early, Rilo Kiley had an excellent sound system and this was utilised by the lead guitar riffs sounding extremely clear and concise. Lead guitarist Blake Sennett is a match for Lewis in the eye-catching stakes with his vocals on 'Ripcord' and quirky fashion sense. However, all elements of the bands sound came across as being important with the bass runs and keyboard riffs being key to the overall sound of the band.

Clearly, Rilo Kiley are a band on the cusp of making a moderate level breakthrough and two days after conquering King Tuts in Glasgow they did the same at T in the Park. One pity for the band was that they clashed with The Magic Numbers and that probably denied them a bigger and more deserving audience. Both bands share great harmonies and a classic song writing style and its perhaps a pity that Rilo Kiley lack some of the hype and praise that other current acts are receiving.

During set closer 'Does He Love You?', Lewis towered at the edge of the stage and powered through the vocals and left a lasting impression on all who stood and watched in adoration. For the quality of the songs and performance, 30 minutes was a woefully short time for their set.