Part of a Master Plan

It was almost two years ago that Room Thirteen conducted its first ever interview with a small, relatively unknown, band called Million Dead. When they were interviewed two years ago they spoke of the labelling their music receives, their lives and their hopes. It's after numerous tours, a new guitarist and a second album that Million Dead have truly found their feet. As you watch them walk out to a packed and cheering crowd at Bristol Academy there is only one thing that's left to feel - pride.

Million Dead are a band that has been given every label under the sun. They've been described as a political band, the UK's version of System of a Down, our answer to prog-rock and a damned good rock 'n' roll band. The truth is that Million Dead are doing something that no other band are currently doing.

Tonight, Million Dead are supporting emo-heroes Finch - yet at the same time Million Dead could equally be supporting System of a Down or The Mars Volta. As their songs launch in to an emotional assault on anything and everything the comparisons are obvious. Frank throws himself around the stage in a way, both vocally and physically, reminiscent of The Mars Volta whilst the lyrics and searingly melodic bass lines do leave a series of deep messages that are sometimes expressed in an intriguingly schizophrenic way.

Their forty five minute set consists of a balanced mix of old and new material coming from the latest album, 'Harmony No Harmony' and their debut classic, 'A Song to Ruin'. Every song, new or old, receives a rousing response from the crowd despite the fact that Million Dead are only supporting. As the ground floor of Bristol Academy opens up in to a number of mosh pits, there is the realisation that Million Dead are something very special.

The tides have turned for a band that still remain loyal to their roots. This is a band that have been rumoured as being on the edge of great things for a long time - and with every new fan they win over the parts are fitting in to their master plan. Million Dead aren't looking to take over the world in 24 hours, like their counterparts Funeral for a Friend and The Darkness who were also both nominated for 2003 Kerrang! Awards, but they have a long-term that will leave them with a lasting legacy.

As the set draws to a close Julia slaps her bass and frantically throws herself around the stage in a way that could only appear in a Million Dead show. So few bassists show passion with what they do but Julia's intricate, expressive and melodic basslines are present throughout every Million Dead song.

Their latest album is just the tip of the iceberg for what Million Dead have to offer. Their music is innovative, passionate and honest. It is full of soul, sweat and perseverance. If you've got a pair of ears then Million Dead are for you. To be fair, if you haven't got ears then there's a chance that Million Dead are still going to have something to offer you.