Disappointingly like the CD...

The grass in front of the Main Stage is easily filled by The Distillers with their afternoon slot despite being ‘punk’ at a predominantly metal festival. The crowd seem to be more interested Brody’s body than her instantly recognisable, husky tones. It’s just a shame that the colour in her cheeks is sadly lacking from her Australian punk today. Whilst Brody (the rest of the band fade behind their leader and are rarely the subject of the two cameras up on stage) undeniably puts on a good show, the sound itself is very much the same as it is on record. Fans may argue that it’s a good thing that The Distillers can capture their live sound on metal cookies, but in truth, the magic of live music lacks.

To enjoy the full Distillers experience, just turn your Hi-Fi up a little louder than usual and stare at a photograph of Brody for really, that is all the people gathered at Donington did. It was remarked that the two cameramen filming the set had a slight infatuation with the punk queen’s ass. At least they gave the crowd what they wanted unlike the bland offering of singles offered by The Distillers.