Reasons for Change

Pure Reason Revolution could struggle tonight for two reasons, firstly because they are the support band and secondly because there doesn't seem room for all five of them on the rather small Academy 3 stage. PRR are a multi instrumentalist five piece band that basically play prog rock for the 21st century, make of that what you will!

The sound is a touch harsh tonight in marked difference to their records but they admirably still manage to capture the mood. The comparisons to early 70's Camel are evident, complex melodies and excellent musicianship coupled with delightful vocal harmonies shine through most of their short set. Both singles get an airing tonight, firstly 'Apprentice of the Universe' during which the band struggle for space but pull off a good version complete with those cute little bleeps and wooshes. For many of the crowd tonight this is their first experience of PRR and the majority seem drawn in as PRR have the ability to create a real hypnotic groove with almost every song. Polite applause at the start of the set gets louder with every song but remains somewhat reserved.

The second song of the evening is much heavier but is countered by impressive vocal harmonies. With hardly any break between songs the band keep it flowing along nicely, whilst mellow and ambient in places they are never boring, constantly breaking it up with louder riffs. With only the house lights for backing it's not hard to imagine how a PRR light show would add immeasurably to the overall feel.

It's a polished performance that can have done them no harm, with 'Bright Ambassadors of Morning' weighing in at twelve minutes they are not likely to trouble the charts but they are definitely a cult band in the making. Half an hour isn't really long enough for such a creative band to achieve maximum effect but they use their time well. With a mini album due in September they look set to bring the best elements of prog rock to a new audience in updated format.