Useless ID support No Use For A Name at the Garage

Useless ID have a reputation for being a lot more entertaining on stage then they are on record. Since their last performance in the UK at the beginning of the year, Useless ID have released their latest record 'Redemption' which proved a considerable improvement from their 2003 record, and has gained them a support slot with No Use For A Name on their first European tour since their cancellation at Deconstruction.

After a rather uncomfortably boring performance by Tribute To Nothing, Useless ID hit the stage with 'Pink Stars & Magazines' which to begin with, which slowly but surely got the crowd moving with time.

Although the band comes from Haifa in Israel they certainly looked well at home on the Garage stage, both guitarists, Ishay Berger and Guy Carmel, providing the movement and all corners of the stage were at least touched once, as they jumped off the drum kit and even on top of the PA monitors.

There wasn't much variety from the quartet in their setlist, the majority of songs were played to promote the new album rather than for fans who wanted older songs. 'Dying Love' was a song that had the crowd jumping up and down and even sparked a little circle pit. The band then continued by inviting the crowd to join them in the after party and dedicating 'Unhappy Hour' to all those who were drinking.

The band also played and interesting version of 'Bring Me Down' starting off the first verse and chorus in an acoustic style, with people from the crowd singing along. People were also happy to hear 'Just Friends' as well as well as 'Note' from 2001 release "Bad Story, Happy Ending".

The band's set finished with the best song of the night 'State of Fear' with the bands young merch-guy coming up and playing bass. The crowd went crazy as vocalist Yotam-Ben screamed the last lines into the microphone. A great 45-minute set from Israel's leading pop punks.