Mind Blowing

Whoever scheduled The Cooper Temple Clause and Queens of the Stoneage against each other made a mistake- the two most innovative bands of the whole day fighting against one another for a crowd. Sadly for TCTC, the Queens seem to have won.

With a half empty Radio One Stage, TCTC walk out to play to a crowd who have been waiting nearly two years for the chance to see them again. Watching TCTC play live is spell-binding. Each part of the music seems to be painstakingly sculpted into a form that the band are happy with, yet at the same time, that their live shows are more of an experimental melting pot of new musical ideas.

Every guitar riff takes a different route to what you'd expect, every synth appears when you'd least expect it and Ben Gautrey seems to, rather than using a normal set of vocal cords, have a sound that blends perfectly with the music this band creates.

With a new album due out in the next year, The Cooper Temple Clause promise to offer a mind blowing set of new tracks for your pleasure if this show is anything to go by.

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