Mission completed

There's a sudden rush of people into the tent as the band come on and they build to an impressive crowd. Unfortunately the sound isn't great at the start, the guitars are muffled and the vocals are too loud with too much reverb. However the band are straight into it with plenty of movement from the off. All clad in black they have an ominous presence and go about their business with a confident swagger.

A fair proportion of the songs seem to follow a similar pattern of quieter verse with a rampaging chorus and bridge, however the female backing vocals give them an extra lift and fortunately the sound improves after the first couple of songs. The guitars however still sound indistinct, probably because there are three of them competing against each other.

Highlights of the set include 'Dead French' and 'Seventeen', which features an excellent chorus. New song 'Translate' is a heavier, choppy number that blends in well and should encourage fans curious about new material.

Your Codename is: Milo are not always accessible in their sound but as a package it works. If you can get into their groove it's good stuff and judging from the crowd reaction when they finish most of the audience here do.