They're Back

Listening to the crowd it quickly becomes apparent that very few people have heard of, or want to hear, The Wedding Present. After setting up their own equipment they walk out on to the Main Stage to a rather depleted crowd.

For a band that are twenty years old, The Wedding Present have been through a lot of changes in the past - three drummers in the last year or so alone - and with only one original member still in the band it might explain why some of the fan base just don't seem to care.

As they start their set off, they look uncomfortable on a stage that seems to dwarf them. All of the band remain, for the most part, motionless and timid. The fact that the majority of the crowd disappear throughout their set certainly does them no favours, but they fail to take their opportunity to put twenty years of experience behind them and take the main stage by the throat.

With what they do, they do it well. They're a tight, well practiced indie group that have so much more to offer than they've shown today. There's no doubt that The Wedding Present don't deserve to play any main stages in their current state, past legacy or not - but catch them in a pub somewhere and they'll easily blow your socks off.