Thicker than water

After an intro of wailing feedback the Blood Brothers open with a fast and raucous number, featuring dual vocals (including a lot of screaming!) they give a totally energy fuelled performance. As with pretty much everyone else on this stage they get a good reaction from a decent sized crowd.

The music is a quirky blend of rock and off the wall indie, it's loud and fast in the main but punctuated with off beat interludes and keyboard parts. The vocalists give a confident performance, one of them striking a multitude of Jagger style poses, this rubs off on the crowd who are clapping along as early as the second song.

For those nursing hangovers from Friday the dual screaming assault is a rude awakening. The faster songs are intense, brutal affairs but they mix up the set nicely. It's an entertaining performance with enough variety in it for them to avoid being pigeonholed. Whilst the lyrical content is anyones guess they are quite impressive as a band but an acquired taste perhaps?