Freakin Out

Having successfully made the transition from Blur member to solo artist, Coxon has continued to demonstrate his songwriting credentials. Whilst his voice is not dissimilar to Damon Albarns, his solo music is louder, rockier and more akin to The Buzzcocks than his Blur output.

Most of the songs are fairly simple in structure but are nonetheless effective, he uses the four piece band behind him to good effect, best illustrated in the third song of the set. Beginning with just Coxon and his telecaster before exploding into a joyous riot of noise, you really do get the feeling that he relishes the opportunity to let loose on his guitar outside the confines of Blur, throwing in little solos and trills at every opportunity.

On the downside, the band don't give the most exciting of performances and subsequently the slower songs are a little flat. Overall though Coxon exudes that English charm that makes him eminently likeable. There are a few new songs aired today, the pick of which is 'I Can't Look At Your Skin Cos It's Doing Me In', more punk than indie, it turns out to be the highlight of the set.

If you've never checked out Graham Coxon because of his Blur heritage then you're doing the guy a disservice, you may well be pleasantly surprised.