GLC Sing About Shop Mobility

Anyone in the audience that isn't from the UK must be feeling very confused. It's not every country in the world that lets ten Welsh men dressed as chavs dance around a rock festival main stage singing about shop mobility and Elizabeth Duke jewellery. Yet for some reason, we've got Goldie Lookin' Chain on the Main Stage of Leeds Festival.

In their forty minute set they reel off the chart-topping 'Your Mother Has a Penis' and 'Guns Don't Kill People' as well as a selection of new songs including a remix of the grange hill theme and their song dedicated to Claims Direct. Definitely a confusing set for anyone foreign in the audience.

There's a lot of things to say about GLC, but most of them lead to the question of why they're actually here. They're not musicians, but they don't claim to be. They're a bunch of lads from the Valleys that made it big by imitating chavs. And they're on the Main Stage.

They might not fill the footprints that Iron Maiden left on the stage last night, but they do provide 40 minutes of light relief on a Saturday morning with no other particularly tempting bands to challenge them.