A Triumphant Return

It takes something special to be a true headliner, talent and fans will only get you half the way- and this is something that Dave Grohl and his bunch of merry men fully understand.

With what would seem to be more people gathered for Iron Maiden or The Pixies, it's a scene reminiscent of the Foos last triumphant Leeds Festival set of 2002.

Launching into 'In Your Honour' followed by 'All My Life' its clear that the Foo Fighters mean business- with a setlist that contains hit after hit, the crowd relentlessly cheer as the Foos prove their worth.

This isn't any ordinary band, metallers, pop fans and indie kids all stand together in support of a band that have shaped the last decade of rock. With musical detours at every opportunity, Foo Fighters move away from their fixed tracks to provide every live show with something new that feels fresh- what's the point of watching a live band if all you get is the best of CD?

As the set progresses, the hits continue to come- with mid-set classic 'Learn To Fly'. In what seems like just a few minutes all 90 minutes of the Foo Fighters is over- as an extended version of 'Monkey Wrench' echoes across West Yorkshire.

Foo Fighters remain undefeated when it comes to their performances. If you want to see a band that provide the blueprint for all live performances, then look no further.