Chill-Out and Relax

The skies have cleared, the Foo Fighters are on stage in three hours and the weekend is coming to a close. It seems like the perfect time for a communal sing song under the summer sky- and that's what Razorlight do best.

Their blend of uplifting, chill-out indie is just what a crowd tired from a weekend of excess need. Razorlight play for an hour of tightly knit, energetic yet relaxing indie that bosts everyone.

After a sudden rise to fame over the past eighteen months, it's unsurprising to see that their set induces anthemic singing from the crowd to rival Iron Maiden's following.

Their performance isn't perfect and they're dwarfed by the shadow that Dave Grohl will be casting over the festival later on, but this band deserve to feel proud of what they've acheieved so far and can sit safely in the knowledge that they're the perfect cure to Sunday night festival blues.