The Cribs

When the third band of the day fills the second stage of a festival playing to a home crowd, it's generally a good sign.

Sadly for indie-rockers The Cribs, they fail to impress. They walk out on stage, greet a devoted crowd and then proceed to rattle off a selection of songs including their latest single. No matter what the song, it's presented in the same way- by an apathetic indie band who look somewhat lost.

Thankfully, the crowd give the set their all and make The Cribs come off as a much better band than they possibly are. The whole time, song after song follows the same formulaic pattern and there's no sense of anything exciting or new about The Cribs.

With no crowd this set would have fallen flat on it's face, and it's only with the support of the fans that this band manage to come across as anything other than another bunch of indie kids who struck it lucky.